Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nickname Month - Trenton Hassell

I have read that Trenton Hassell's teammates call him Tennessee, because, um, he's from Tennessee. That sucks. Players always give each other the worst nicknames. I mean, do you know what the players called Lucious Harris? Take a guess....give up? Lou. Really? Somehow, that had to be Byron Scott's fault. Clearly, Hot-Buttered is vastly superior.

Getting back to the player at hand: This is an easy one, and so obvious that I wish I thought of it. Dubbed by Ian Eagle in his first week with the team, Trenton Hassell instantly became known to fans as:

The Capitol

For my international readers (shout out Cambodia!), "Trenton" is not only the man's name, but also the state capitol of New Jersey. It sounds so bad-ass...almost too bad-ass for such a forgettable player.

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