Friday, June 25, 2010

Whoop-De-Damn-Do Post: Solid As A Rock

As in with my past adventures, I've chronicled my draft night trip to The Rock for Click the link, I'm sure you will not be disappointed!

Also, I have a show at the New York Comedy Club on 24th and 2nd, Friday, July 16th, at 10PM. Let me know if you are interested in coming!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Whoop-De-Damn-Do Post: Rivalry Weak

Hey guys, I'll be contributing from time-to-time at Whoop De Damn Do, a new Nets blog. I will still be making updates to Slippery When Nets, too. Make sure to check out my latest entry: Rivalry Weak, which documents the Nets best rivalries. Here's a small preview:

"The greatest NBA rivalry is underway. Yawn. Didn’t we just see this two years ago? Bird-Magic-Chamberlain-Russell-Scalabrine-Morrison blah blah blah.

The Nets franchise has never been successful enough to create what could be called a classic rivalry. However, there have been significant flare-ups with other franchises through-out the year. Let’s examine the Nets top five rilvaries!"

Just an update on my stand-up comedy, I will be performing:

6/9 - Broadway Comedy Club, 53rd & 8th, 8PM, $10 + 2 drinks
6/18 - New York Comedy Club, 24th & 2nd, 10PM, $10 + 2 drinks
6/22 - Caroline's, 49th & Broadway, 7PM, $5 + 2 drinks (need to call 212-757-4100 to reserve tickets)

I'd love to see you guys there. You can e-mail me or leave a comment if you need more info. Thanks for your continued support!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Danny Thoughts - Draft Prospects 2010

This is my friend Danny. Danny has many thoughts. They will be presented here in this segment called simply....Danny Thoughts.

So now that people have stepped back from the ledge after finding out that our beloved Nets were getting the third pick in this year’s draft, the offseason can REALLY start rolling. And there’s no better Nets fan to take you through it than yours truly, me.

If you think you’ve heard it all, hold on to your seats because here are some loony ideas coming your way.

With the third pick of the 2010 NBA Draft… The New Jersey (Brooklyn, Russian, Siberian) Nets select….

Derrick Favors

Pros: He is crazy, stupid athletic. As you can see from the Youtube clip, yes…he went between the legs STANDING STILL. He has a 7’4” wingspan and is 6’10” with shoes on (but who plays basketball without shoes on?).

I’m a big UNC fan and I’ve seen this kid play on TV. He can FINISH and catch the damn ball, something a current “power forward” on the Nets cannot do. He’s terrific around the basket and is STRONG. He has an NBA ready body. He also runs up and down the floor like a gazelle (not a deer), is a fantastic rebounder (offensive and defensive rebounds) and from what draft pundits have said, he’s a great kid that’s willing to learn. Definitely someone you want to build your team with (not around, however).

He plays good with the potential to be great defense, especially in the post, moves his feet, blocks or alters a lot of shots, and was the number one rated HS player going into college (yes, over Wall and Cousins). Think about it this way: he’s similar to Blake Griffin but way younger, compliments Brook Lopez pretty well, and has been compared to Al Horford, Josh Smith (without the stupid threes), Antonio McDyess IN HIS PRIME, and Chris Wilcox (unfortunately). I like the kid! He makes our decisions way easier in that we won’t have to max out a good power forward (see David Lee, Carlos Boozer, Amare Stoudemire) as opposed to a superstar player (see ONLY Lebron and Wade).

Cons: Doesn’t shoot that well and isn’t the best free throw shooter. He has some offensive moves but isn’t someone I would compare to Pau Gasol (or even Marc Gasol). I’m also not sure he can really create for himself at all, he’ll have to be set up, BUT isn’t that what it’s always like with pure athletes that we call basketball players? Also remember he was on Georgia Tech, which didn’t have the best group of basketball players surrounding him. This could mean he’s a softy for going with the sentimental choice of going to Georgia Tech (he’s from Georgia) or that he has poor decision making skills.

Evan Turner

OK, I understand. The Sixers would be crazy for not taking Turner with the 2nd pick. But I don’t think it’s as clear cut as everyone thinks because they’re lineup currently looks like this: Lou Williams, Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, Elton Brand, and Samuel Dalembert. Now… what happens if you replace Elton Brand with a talented big man that can play the Center/Forward position, such as, oh I don’t know, maybe a DeMarcus Cousins?! Think about it, it’s not THAT far fetched. But I digress, here’s my analysis.

Pros: Boy, this guy is so smooth it’s crazy. His game looks so much like Brandon Roy’s that they’re practically clones. Turner can handle, shoot, pass, and rebound. He’s tall for his position and moves real well. Sure, he had the two broken vertebrae, but he was back in two weeks after the surgery! Now THAT’S tough. You ever have two broken vertebrae? Didn’t think so. He’s a leader and he likes to take (and make) clutch shots. He’s got a great floor presence and is a little older, supposedly more mature. He’s a good defender as well and is a player you could fit many types of players around. As a Nets fan, I’d consider trading Devin if we got Turner. Play Turner at the 1! That’s what he did at OSU!

Cons: He’s not extremely athletic. His game, as much as it screams Brandon Roy, also screams Danny Granger in that he knows how to get it done, just not in a flashy way and he needs the ball a lot. Sure, he’s long, but will he be able to guard the superstars at his positions (Kobe, Wade, Granger, Lebron, Durant, Melo, Roy)? That means he’s not a superstar, only an all-star. It also means he’s on par with the Derrick Favors, DeMarcus Cousins, and Wesley Johnsons of the world.

DeMarcus Cousins

Pros: Jebus, this kid is huge. I mean, he is a LARGE INDIVIDUAL with an NBA ready body. Long arms, legit height, big body. On top of all that, he’s got a terrific skill set for a big man as he can finish left and right, has great footwork in the low post, and has a lot of offensive moves in the post. He’s a terrific rebounder and protects the basket very well. Upside is a taller Al Jefferson? Better be a HEALTHY Al Jefferson!

Cons: Well, here he is folks, the kid with all the physical talent but is mentally “unstable”. He’s the Zach Randolph of the draft, tons of talent, but immature and whiny. He’s also tubby because his body fat’s at 16% and he’s supposedly in the best shape of his life! He also gets into foul trouble and proceeds to mentally check out of some games. But boy… he’s really good…

So there are the big three at the third position of the draft. But that’s not all folks! We also have the 27th and 31st to get to! Since it’s only separated by three picks, let’s just list some players available at the spot, shall we? This is in no order, just a list with some general thoughts.

Stanley Robinson

UConn ATHLETE that’s 6’9” and can jump out of the gym and defend. Really inconsistent, though.

Larry Sanders

VCU 6’11” Big man project that has crazy measurements and is very athletic, especially for his size, but he’s rawer than sushi.

Dominique Jones

Late Sleeper for this draft! He’s a 6’4” Combo guard that’s got a great first step, is really strong, and plays with tons of hustle and activity, especially on defense. Doesn’t have a great jumper, though, and needs to improve on his off-hand (right) dribbling.

Willie Warren!

6’4” Smooth jump shooter that lost a lot of appeal to NBA scouts after going back to Oklahoma for a year. He has a great jumper, ball-handling skills, and a lot of POTENTIAL talent but hasn’t lived up to it.

Quincy Pondexter

6’6” Tweener that played PF in college and must play SF in the NBA. He’s a GREAT hustle player that is efficient and extremely active on both ends of the floor. He has leadership qualities and doesn’t take many bad shots. However, he is WAY undersized for the position of PF and hopefully he doesn’t take too much time to adjust to playing SF in the NBA.

Gani Lawal

6’8” athlete that rebounds and scores fairly well. He’s a high energy hustle player that needs a little more polish and could be a solid role player in the NBA.

Jordan Crawford

Another sleeper in the draft! 6’4” Combo guard that can really light it up and has a knack for being clutch. (See: NCAA Tournament). Is very inconsistent but is a great slasher. Doesn’t play well as a role player but that might be his fate in the NBA regardless.

Elliot Williams

6’4” Lefty that’s great in transition and plays active D but can’t finish right and doesn’t really have a midrange game.

Craig Brackins

6’10” Big man that can shoot and create from the free throw line area. Again, his defensive intensity is a question mark but he could be a good tweener role player at the NBA level.

Miroslav Raduljica

Standard foreign big man that could be a Euro Stash player for the Nets. He’s 7’0” and has good offensive low post moves as well as a decent jumper but isn’t that athletic and has suspect motivation on defense.

There is your draft analysis, folks. Hope it somewhat clarifies what the Nets will do.