Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nickname Month - Bobby Simmons

A couple facts about Bobby Simmons that you need to know:

1. He is the highest paid player on the Nets
2. He is an expiring contract
3. The crowd isn't saying "Boo", they are saying "Boo-bby!"

That's a little harsh, and perhaps he may have a better season since he is playing for a new contract. But everything I saw by him last year just made me cringe. In fact, I'm breaking the rules, and NOT giving him a nickname (although most people will just refer to him as "Bobby Simmons' expiring contract").

In fact, what's with the name "Bobby" anyway? Is he eight? Is he trying to be the best "Bobby" in the NBA since Bobby Hurley (and too late, Bobby Jackson already has that mantle)? The only good thing I could come up with for being called "Bobby" is that it sounds like "Buh-Bye", which is hopefully what Nets fans will be saying to him at the end of the season. Anyway, I'm calling him "Robert Simmons" from now on.

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