Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nickname Month - Josh Boone

Ah, here we go. Josh Boone (seen here about to airball a free throw) is currently the longest tenured Net. Through the years (all three of them), I have bestowed upon him a plethora of silly names. I can't help it, the name "Boone" just lends itself to a nickname.

A couple sound very good, but ultimately, do not describe Josh's characteristics. The Springsteen fan in me likes "Boone to Run", but Boone looks like he's running with wet sneakers. George Thorogood fans would prefer "Bad to the Boone", but, once again, Josh's game is very soft and not the least bit intimidating. So I'm tossing these nicknames in the scrapheap, but feel free to use them in an ironic fashion.

So, what bad Boone play-on-words did I settle on?

Booney Tunes

It is a goofy name, fitting for such a goofy player. Every time he clanks a free throw, I just imagine cartoon sound effects going off. If I wasn't able to laugh at this tragic flaw, I would cry. I know I'm being a little harsh on Booney here, but believe me - I'm rooting for him to prove me wrong and earn the "Bad to the Boone" nickname. While fame, fortune, and winning are all good motivators, nothing inspires athletes more than a chance at a better nickname.

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