Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nickname Month - Devin Harris

Devin Harris is the toughest player to think of a nickname for. He is the most talented and most popular Net player on the roster, so, therefore, the nickname has to be extra special.

I started by analyzing his name. His initials suck, so I have to rule out a play on words there. I was thinking Devine could be a possibility, but it sounds too much like a drag queen. My brother's name is also "Devin," which threw me through a loop. When I was growing up, my brother was the only person I knew named "Devin" (even spelled that way, as opposed to "Devon"). While eventually I learned of many more "Devins", none were closely associated with my life. So, it is a bit unexpected that at 23-years-old, another Devin has entered my world, on my favorite team no less! So, I thought of nicknaming him The Brother, but it sounded too esoteric (and a bit ethnic).

So, I needed to do more research on Devin Harris to come up with the right nickname. I knew he was from Milwaukee, but that only recalls images of fat white guys and that scene with Alice Cooper in Wayne's World. But, I did find out that he set the Guinness World Record for "fastest man with a basketball". Very impressive. Record Breaker is one possibility, but is clunky to say. So, how about:


I love the idea of Devin Harris making a spectacular play, with Marv Albert saying "My goodness, my Guinness!" I'm not as sold on this one as I am with Delano and Booney Tunes. So, if you have a better nickname, let me know in the comments.

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