Saturday, February 27, 2010

Podcasts, Comedy, and Other Things

Hey everybody! I've got a lot to take care of in this post, so here we go:

- I made another appearance on the Brad Bogner Show. You can listen to it here. If you like the show, you can subscribe to it on iTunes. Give it a nice rating and review, please!

- I will be appearing at Caroline's this Monday, March 1st, at 7:00PM. Call 212-757-4100 to reserve tickets. If you say you are there to see me, you will get a discounted entrance fee - $5 instead of $15. I haven't added any new clips to the Youtubes yet, but you can see the old clip here.

- Finally, I'm trying to unload some comics on You can view my offerings here. These are all great reads, but I'm just trying to clear some space for more random Nets crap.

This upcoming week will be very busy, so there may be a bit of a gap between entries, but I should be back up to speed by the middle of the month.

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