Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gone Podcastin' - Part 6

OK, this post is going to shatter my personal record for shameless self-promotion. First, here is the link to my latest appearance on the Brad Bogner Show. Might I say, this may be my personal best appearance. If you enjoy the Brad Bogner Show, please subscribe to the show on iTunes, or, if you are already subscribed, leave a positive review for the show.

Next order of business involves my second appearance at Caroline's on Broadway. It is this Monday, January 25th, at 9:30PM. Here is a clip from my first show:

This time I am doing what struggling new comedians call a "bringer" show: the more people who come, the better it is for me getting future appearances at Caroline's. So, if you are interested, please call Caroline's at 212-757-4100. Make sure to say you are there to see me. It will be $5 and two drinks. I've seen a couple of these shows, and let me say, they are worth the money to go to, even if you are not there to support me. At one show, both Nick DiPaolo and Darrell Hammond performed. Not bad for $5.

That's all for now. There will be a new post up later this week.

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