Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Links and Programming Notes

The "Gotta Dance" review posted this week has generated a lot of buzz, and Ball Don't Lie was once again kind enough to link to me. For all people who are new to my site, let me say "Welcome" and I hope you stick around.

To all my loyal readers, let me say thank you for your continuing support. Please continue to check the blog frequently, tell your friends about it, and add yourself to the "Followers" section. I've been at this for four months now, consistently updating each week, and have found it to be a very rewarding (and challenging) experience. As always, I would love to publish reader e-mails, so please send your comments/questions/dumb trade ideas to rory (dot) toohey (at) gmail.

Next week, the posting format will be a little different. I will be on the Brad Bogner Show this weekend, and I will link to it on Monday. On Tuesday, I will post a short little rant. On Wednesday, there will be a special announcement of a new blog feature which will take place during the month of August (also known as "Dead Time" in the NBA season). So plan your vacations accordingly.

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