Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Intro

OK, let's make this fast and with as little crying as possible. World of Internet, I'm Rory - a Nets fan since 1996. I am making a foray into basketball blogging for the three main reasons everyone starts a blog - fame, fortune, and women! Being 100% confident that those shall be achieved shortly, this blog will also find time to provide "worm's eye" insight into all things Nets. I'll detailing my adventures to Nets games and other events thrown by the team. While there will be some occasional analysis, I want to steer away from that - you can find basketball "analysts" on thousands of blog. Rather than opining about who should be traded, who should be drafted, etc., I'll focus on obscure and inane narratives going on around the basketball game.

In summary, this blog will be the stories that I tell my friends after the game, but in WONDERFUL FULL COLOR BLOG FORM! Let's go!

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